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A letter from our Chairman:

Angela Moore, Barton Foundation

Dear Fellow Community Members,

At the Barton Foundation, our mission is to "inspire philanthropy for the health of our community." We are so thankful to those that engage with us to make this vision a reality. Whether attending an event, donating an hour of your time, or making a financial contribution, every gift to the foundation makes a real and lasting difference in our community’s health.

As the Chairman of the Barton Foundation, I look forward to the coming year. This year brings change, in December, we said a fond farewell to our CEO, John Williams, and welcomed Chief Medical Officer, Clint Purvance, to the role.  We will see a dream begin to take shape as construction commences on the Robert Maloff Center of Excellence in June. Made possible by a $10 million donation from Lisa Maloff, The Robert Maloff Center of Excellence will bring together a focus on wellness, sports performance, orthopedics, and rehabilitation.

The Foundation’s role is to raise funds that allow Barton Health to continually increase the quality services and programs that we provide our community.

Through your gifts over the past couple of years, we raised the funds necessary to elevate Barton Hospital to a Level III Trauma Center, and to expand cardiology, and hospice services and programs.

We know we can’t do it alone, so another role that we take to heart is community outreach and collaboration.

With that in mind, we doubled our allocation for community health grants this year. A total of $50,000 was awarded to 12 area non-profits whose services focus on the community’s top three needs as identified in the 2015 Community Health Needs Assessment: access to healthcare, mental health and substance abuse.

We are also happy to have secured $100,000 in funding for a Mental Health Cooperative, allowing us to bring together and create partnerships with local non-profits and social services to identify and address the gaps in our community and to host two community forums focused on mental health. Finally, we continue to host the annual holiday, Festival of Trees and Lights, which brings our community together to celebrate the holidays while at the same time giving back to community health.

I look forward to working together with you towards achieving our goal to positively impact the health of everyone in our community.


Angela Moore
Barton Foundation


Board of Trustees:


  • Chairperson: Angela Moore
  • Vice Chairperson: Diane Roeser-Kinney
  • Secretary: Ken Jillson


  • Eric Bickenbach
  • Star Brooks
  • Brandi Brown
  • John Carlson
  • Kim Evans, MD
  • Sue Fairley, MSN/MHA RN CENP
  • Melissa Jester
  • Katie Long
  • Chris Mann
  • Daniel A. Norman, MD
  • Jamie Orr, PhD
  • Chris Proctor
  • Clint Purvance, MD
  • Marsha Ticas
  • Ruby Turner