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Community Wellness Education

From Wellness Lectures to Support Groups to Parents/ Family Educational Classes, Barton Health offers an array of ongoing health and wellness education for the Lake Tahoe community and public on a variety of topics.
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Wellness Lectures

Barton Health is proud to present FREE monthly wellness lectures addressing an array of health topics led by physicians and Barton Health experts.
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Support Groups

  • Tahoe Type 1 - Diabetes Success Group
    Join a group of highly motivated, local diabetics. This is not a typical support group, but rather an energetic success group that meets to share ideas, experiences, and resources.  The focus is on improving quality of life with small victories each month.  Anyone impacted by Type I or Type II diabetes is welcome, including family, friends, and supporters.

    Held the first Tuesday of each month from 5:30-6:30pm at the Barton Memorial Hospital Board Room (located inside Barton Memorial Hospital, 2170 South Ave., South Lake Tahoe, CA). For questions, contact Ryan Papke or call 408.775.4945.
  • Reflections of Life and Loss - Grief Support Group
    Barton Hospice encourages people who have experienced the loss of a loved one or have endured a significant, life-altering event to attend. This group helps teach attendees how to cope with certain situations and encourages emotional connections with others. Support and bereavement groups allow people to release emotions they may otherwise keep to themselves. It can improve a participant's mood and decrease psychological distress.

    Held the first and third Thursday of each month from 12-1:30pm at Barton Hospice (2092 Lake Tahoe Blvd, Suite 500 South Lake Tahoe, CA). For more information contact Tina Bruess at 530.543.5592.
  • Mommy & Me Support Group
    We invite new parents and their babies or toddlers to attend our FREE weekly groups to share experiences and discuss the joys and challenges of parenting. Get support from other parents as well as professional support from a childbirth instructor and guest.
        Infants and Toddlers (up to 36 months) - Tuesdays 10am-12pm
        Infants (up to 12 months) - Thursdays 2-4pm

    Held at our Barton 4th Street Classroom (below Tahoe Family Dentist at 1077B 4th Street, South Lake Tahoe, CA.) More information or register online, call 530.543.5549 or email.
  • Perinatal Challenges Support Group
    If you are an expecting or new parent looking for people who understand what you are going through, we can help. It does not matter whether you are experiencing pre- or postpartum depression or anxiety, or just feeling bad, we welcome all parents with perinatal mood and anxiety challenges to this FREE weekly support group.

    Held each Monday from 5:30-6:30pm at our Barton 4th Street Classroom (below Tahoe Family Dentist at 1077B 4th Street, South Lake Tahoe, CA). More information or register online, call 530.543.5549 or email.
  • Tobacco Free Support Group
    Share experiences and get support from others on the journey to a tobacco-free lifestyle. Learn additional strategies and tools to help you through challenges.

    Held each Wednesday from 5:30-6:30pm at our Barton 4th Street Classroom (below Tahoe Family Dentist at 1077B 4th Street, South Lake Tahoe, CA). Sign up online, call 530.543.5549 or email.
  • NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness, South Lake Tahoe Support Group
    NAMI South Lake Tahoe hosts a monthly support group, providing empathetic support for those dealing with crisis or who have a loved one in crisis.

    Held the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 6-7:30pm at the South Lake Tahoe Library located at 1000 Rufus Allen Blvd. For more information you can reach NAMI South Lake Tahoe at 650.740.5776 or email.

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Parents & Family Education

When you are expecting, you can expect the best at Barton Health. We offer prenatal education and fitness classes, a comprehensive third trimester childbirth education program, and classes and support groups for families with newborns to children age three.

  • Childbirth
    We invite parents to attend classes at approximately 28 to 30 weeks. In 'Childbirth & Beyond: Preparing for the Journey' students learn about preparing for the hospital, when to check for admission, pre-term indicators, relaxation/breathing techniques, birthing process, labor positions, and pain management. Childbirth classes cost $20 per couple.
    Three course options:
        Six week series*
        One day intensive
    *The six week series includes additional information on newborn and postpartum care, the first six weeks at home, lactation consulting, car seat safety, nutrition, child CPR and first aid.

    Register for Childbirth Classes online, call 530.543.5549 or email.
  • Newly Pregnant
    We welcome all expecting parents to join us during the first trimester to learn about early pregnancy and get your questions answered. This class will be taught by a certified childbirth educator and addresses baby development, nutrition, healthy habits, and staying safe during pregnancy, including when to call your healthcare provider. Connect with other expecting families in our community as you begin your pregnancy journey. The Newly Pregnant class costs $20 per couple to attend.

    Register for Newly Pregnant Classes online, call 530.543.5549 or email.
  • Daddy Boot Camp
    Boot Camp for New Dads is a unique father-to-father workshop/ class that inspires and equips men to become confidently engaged with their infants, support their mates, and navigate their transformation into dads.

    Register for Daddy Boot Camp online, call 530.543.5549 or email.
  • Infant Message
    Learn from a professional about the benefits of infant massage while you gently nurture and spend time with your baby. Research suggests that infant massage may help your baby relax and sleep, reduce crying, and provide wonderful bonding opportunities. We incorporate infant massage into the Mommy & Me group as well as workshops for parents and caregivers.
  • Fitness
    We encourage all parents and caregivers to get and stay fit and active before and during pregnancy, after your baby is born, and through the growing up years. All members of the community, ages 14 and older, are invited to join Barton Health’s ongoing Tahoe Fit program, which provides 16 to 20 classes per week for all levels of fitness and abilities.

    Pelvic Floor Series
    Pelvic Floor Fitness combines Pilates, yoga, calisthenics, and Kegels to provide maximum pelvic floor conditioning while toning glutes, thighs, and abs in a fun 30-minute workout. Classes use simple exercises and traditional rehabilitation to help participants rebuild pelvic floor muscles and recover normal bladder, bowel and pelvic floor function. (Be sure your health care provider has cleared you for moderate, non-impact exercise before starting this program or any exercise program.)

    Register for Pelvic Floor Fitness online, call 530.543.5549 or email.
For all Family & Parents Education, learn more, register online under either the 'Family Classes or Childbirth Series' tabs, call 530.543.5549 or email.

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Total Joint Replacement

Thinking about Joint Replacement? Learn more about Total Joint Replacements at Barton Health during this class.

To schedule your class, please contact Madonna Doyle, Orthopedic Care Coordinator at 530.307.3495.

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Freedom From Smoking

Get the support you or your loved one needs to quit smoking. "Freedom from Smoking" is the American Lung Association's program that provides support and techniques to help people quit the habit for good! Classes take place for seven consecutive Wednesdays with an additional "Quit Day" session half way through the program. Freedom From Smoking is $30 for community members.

Sign up online, call 530.543.5549 or email.

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Tahoe Fit

Tahoe Fit by Barton Health integrates a variety of workouts designed for all fitness levels. Find your fit with South Lake Tahoe's most comprehensive selection of workout classes in one program!
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Online Health Library

Through our health libraries and resource centers, Barton Health serves the community as a reliable resource for information on illnesses, conditions, drugs, medical tests, healthy recipes and more. Whether you're looking for a quick answer to a simple health question or doing in-depth research on a condition, the following services can help.
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