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Current Projects, Programs and Funds:

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Emergency / Level III Trauma Center

Barton Foundation helped to fund Barton Health’s transformation to a Level III Trauma Center and continues to support the growth and needs of the Trauma Center.

Barton Memorial Hospital was designated a Level III Trauma Center by El Dorado County in January 2015 and is the only trauma center in the Lake Tahoe, Truckee, and Carson Valley region.

The designation recognizes Barton Hospital as a critical access point where patients will receive an increase in depth and speed of care. Unlike other hospital facilities, trauma centers guarantee the resources for trauma care and the immediate availability of emergency medicine physicians, surgeons, nurses, lab and x-ray technicians, and life support equipment 24-hours a day.

A third of Barton’s Emergency Room Visits are Traumatic Injuries

Barton’s Emergency Department sees about 20,000 patient visits a year; one-third of these visits are traumatic injuries. When a patient experiences a trauma that first hour, “the golden hour”, is crucial – it is often the difference between life and death. 

Trauma Program Saves Lives

In an emergency, Barton receives a call from our partners in the field “activating” the trauma team. Every member – ED doctors, surgeons, nurses, lab and x-ray technicians has less than 15 minutes to respond. Simply put, this program saves lives and keeps more of our patients here so their family can be with them during a traumatic event
Ongoing technology updates, training for ED and Trauma staff, equipment, and other emergency care needs are covered by this fund. 

Family Birthing Center Fund

Many babies enter the world at Barton and this fund helps to ensure that mothers and babies receive the very best care. 

Cancer Fund, Barton FoundationCancer Fund

This program provides financial support for patients unable to pay for screenings or follow-up treatments, as well as cancer support services such as wigs, prosthetics, massage and therapy for those affected by breast cancer and their families. This program also provides breast cancer prevention and recovery education.

Cardiology Fund

Funding supports equipment, services and education for cardiac care.

The Community Health Endowment

The Endowment continues to be the main focus of the Foundation’s fundraising efforts. As the principle grows, the investment earnings allow the Foundation to enhance services at the hospital and provide funding for community health needs. The Endowment has funded past projects such as the helipad. 

Susie Marchini Diabetes Fund, Barton FoundationSusie Marchini Diabetes Fund

Funding supports education and program development for those living with diabetes and helps us send local children to Camp Buck, a diabetes camp in Portola, California. 

Equipment Fund

This fund is used specifically for the purchase of equipment for the hospital, ranging from patient monitors to baby warmers for the Family Birthing Center. 

Employee to Employee Giving: A Friend in Need Program

This program allows Barton employees to support fellow employees in need of emergency financial hardship due to an unexpected illness or financial hardship.

Health Resource Center Fund

Funds allow us to purchase educational materials, access to resource databases, and provide other support services such as nutrition, movement, massage, and therapy classes for patients and families who have received a life-altering diagnosis.

Hospice Fund and Bereavement Camp Program

Hospice Fund and Bereavement Camp Program, Barton Foundation

Funding assists end-of-life patient needs such as medical and living costs, prescriptions, bereavement counseling, and almost anything that allows these patients to die with dignity. This fund also supports hospice staff education and training, and Camp Sunrise, a Bereavement Camp for children ages 7-14.

Skilled Nursing Fund

Skilled Nursing Fund, Barton FoundationThis fund supports quality of life for the Skilled Nursing Residents who live at Barton. Examples of items that have been purchased from this fund are sun shades for the patio, plants and greenery, tables and chairs, and a music system. 

Physical Therapy Fund

This fund supports ongoing education for inpatient and outpatient Rehabilitation Services. 

Wellness Fund

This fund supports wellness programs and services provided to our community.

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Footprints to the Future Campaign 

Footprints to the Future, Barton Foundation

“Footprints to the Future” celebrates newborn babies and all proceeds benefit Barton’s Family Birthing Center. Footprints of Barton-born babies are set into a small satin medallion and adhered to a special wall dedicated to the display. You may also order medallions and ornaments for your home so that you can enjoy a keepsake of a very special time. Hospital wall and home medallions are included with a $100 donation and ornaments are included with a $40 donation.
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Grateful Patient

Grateful Patient, Barton FoundationWe invite you to partner with us in our continual efforts to provide top-quality medical care to our community by donating to the Heartfelt Fund.

When making your gift, we hope you will consider recognizing a special nurse, doctor, volunteer, entire department, or someone else who went the extra mile during your experience at Barton. Large or small, your gift will be a great encouragement to our staff—professionals who work tirelessly to provide the best care possible for all of our patients.

Your donation will directly benefit our community's health; provide better online health information; offer more comprehensive hospice services; and allow Barton Health to continue providing you with the very best patient care.