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Barton Foundation


Our Mission:

“Inspiring Philanthropy for the health of our community”

Our Vision:

"To positively impact the health of everyone in our community by providing the financial resources necessary to fulfill Barton Health’s mission."

Our Values/Beliefs:

"We believe everyone has the right to health care. "




Over 50 years ago, philanthropy was the seed that inspired our hospital, which grew to become Barton Health. This same passion to serve others is what started the Barton Foundation and it still motivates us today. For more than 20 years, the Barton Foundation has been committed to improving the health of the South Lake Tahoe area and to moving Barton Health into the future. Since its inception in 1990, the Barton Foundation has raised more than $6 million to ensure that state-of-the-art medical care is available right here in our community.

Fundraising Campaigns

In addition to helping fund annual needs at Barton Health, the Barton Foundation has taken on specific campaigns over the years, funding projects such as the Barton Community Health Center, Healing Design, the Level III Trauma Center, and the Cardiology Department. The Foundation also supports organizations that target the community’s unmet healthcare needs through its 2016 Barton Health Grants program. For a list of our current fundraising projects, click here.

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The Barton Foundation is led by the Board of Trustees, a group of community volunteers. This board oversees the direction of the Foundation, raises funds, evaluates and approves projects, and provides overall policy leadership and counsel.

Tax ID

The Nevada non-profit corporation was organized solely to foster, support and initiate the improvement and development of the health care objectives of Barton Health. Contributions to the Barton Foundation may be tax deductible; the Foundation’s tax identification number is 88-0268799.


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