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Integrative Medicine, Treating the Whole Person

Integrative medicine brings conventional and complementary approaches together and takes the whole person into account: body, mind, and spirit, with the goal of improved health and wellness.

This marrying of concepts can include:

  • Supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbs, and probiotics). Supplements can play a role in your treatment, but they also can interfere with other medications or your underlying medical conditions.
  • Acupuncture
  • Mind-body medicine (meditation, relaxation, and yoga) Studies suggest that mind-body practices could help reverse brain changes associated with chronic pain and may have protective effects on the brain.
  • Physical manipulations (chiropractic and massage therapy)

Our Providers

Our practitioners help patients match integrative medicine offerings with individual needs. This involves assessing medical problems, coping resources, family and social support, and evaluating patient goals, abilities, and opportunities. We are here to help you live more fully, cope better with your medical condition, control symptoms, and participate more fully in your medical care.

Erin Jones, MD
Amy Smith, FNP 

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To learn more about integrative medicine, talk to your healthcare team.