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Tahoe Challenge
MEDical Wilderness Adventure Race

South Lake Tahoe, CA - September 9, 2017

2017 MedWAR Race Development + Planning In Process!

June 2017

Kayaking in the MedWAR Tahoe Challenge race area.

2016 MedWAR Race Development + Planning:

June 2016

Mountain biking in the MedWAR Tahoe Challenge race area.

May 2016

Medical scenario training/ dry run by the Tahoe Challenge staff and volunteers.
MedWAR Lake Tahoe Challenge Medical Scenario Trainings

Kyle Erikkila, MD kayaks for MedWAR Lake Tahoe recon.

Khristy Gavigan, RN, Chris Kozlowski, PT and Lauren Hansen, MD test biking components of the course.

Some of the MedWAR Lake Tahoe team during a May recon mission.

Jeff Koeck, Pharm. D and Khristy Gavigan, RN at Camp Richardson Corral planning trail maintenance for shared trails at MedWAR Lake Tahoe.

Jeff Koeck, Pharm. D, works with Kelly Ross, owner of Camp Richardson Corral, to determine which trails need maintenance as part of MedWAR Lake Tahoe's community outreach and trail stewardship program.

April 2016

Pre-MedWAR Lake Tahoe GPS coursework by Stephen Bannar, MD and Khristy Gavigan, RN in late April snow squalls!

Stephen Bannar, MD checking pre-MedWAR Lake Tahoe course GPS.

April course scouting (in the recent Tahoe snows!); biking section 90% complete (the 10% was snow. The biking section will incorporate a Buffy single track and huge views.

MedWAR course planning underway by (and taking over the kitchen of) Khristy Gavigan, RN!

March 2016

MedWAR Lake Tahoe early trail scouting and recon by Khristy Gavigan, RN and Stephen Bannar, MD.