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Orthopedics & Rehabilitation at The CenterBarton Athlete, Lila Lapanja

Barton Health has always been known for the highest level of orthopedic care in the Lake Tahoe region. Our physicians are noted specialists in sports medicine, which is why the US Ski & Snowboard team has made Barton their official medical provider. And with our partnership with the Lake Tahoe Sports Medicine Fellowship, Barton continues to provide a world-class learning institute for orthopedics. The Center for Orthopedics & Wellness will help maximize our team’s delivery of orthopedic care with multi-specialty physicians and therapists working hand-in-hand to deliver comprehensive care to meet your orthopedic and spine needs.

Our highly-trained team of orthopedic surgeons, nurses, rehabilitation specialists and various medical support personnel work with each patient and their primary care physician to develop a treatment plan specifically for that patient. By combining extensive clinical expertise with a compassionate, caring treatment philosophy, we have created a program renowned for its expert level of care.

We provide subspecialty orthopedic services featuring leading-edge procedures and technology. Orthopedics is a medical specialty that deals with quality of life. Whether your goal is to return to competitive sports, get back to work or to simply enjoy life without pain, our goal is to give you the opportunity to enjoy the most out of life! Our team themselves enjoy the day to day activities Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas offer which is why their goal of keeping active people active is so important.

The Center features a cohesive rehabilitation team blending expert levels of physical and occupational therapists, athletic trainers, and performance coaches ensuring guests receive the right approach delivered by the right expert at the right time. The rehabilitation care teams are as passionate about living an active, outdoor lifestyle as our patients, and will focus on getting patients back to what they love as quickly (and safely) as possible,. Equipped with therapy pools and access to a comprehensive analysis lab including VO2 max and wingate testing, gait analysis, antigravity treadmills and more, each patient has the opportunity to train at a high level or simply prevent further injuries. Our programs extend beyond traditional insurance models, allowing us to create an individualized care plan designed to keep you active while healing from an injury.

Services and provider care, including health assessments will begin at the Center in May 2018.
For any questions in the meantime, please call 530.539.6600.

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The Center for Orthopedics & Wellness located in the Robert Maloff Center was made possible through a generous donation from Lisa Maloff in the name of her late husband, Robert Maloff. The Center is a reflection of the Maloff's ongoing commitment to our community's health and well-being.

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