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Past Fundraising Projects:

Barton Community Health Center

Community Health Centr

Through a combination of hospital system reserves and philanthropic support from the Barton Foundation and Auxiliary, The Community Health Center’s expansion was completed in the Spring of 2013. To better meet the demands of our community, Barton Health expanded the building with 10 additional patient examination rooms, more bathrooms, storage, a bigger lab space, and an expanded waiting room. The new facility now allows for a more comfortable patient experience and a more efficient flow, allowing the Center to see more patients each day.

The Center is our community safety net. Patients can pay what they can afford -- all care is provided on a sliding scale. A visit with a physician or practitioner can cost as little as $1. Uninsured or unemployed individuals can get needed health care for themselves and their families.

Neal Olson Playroom

Neal Olson Playroom

The Neal Olson Playroom was completely remodeled in 2012 with fresh bright colors, new carpet, paint, murals, and furniture. Hospital employees donated children’s books to complete the space.

Family Birthing Center

Family Birthing Center

In early 2009, Barton unveiled its new state-of-the-art Family Birthing Center, featuring private, spacious birthing suites with soothing décor and sleeper sofas to accommodate family members, new bathrooms, in-room refrigerators, birthing balls, birthing tubs, and a new Infant Security System. This project was largely funded by the Barton Foundation and was possible due to a generous donation from Ethel Mae Haldan, a long-time resident of South Lake Tahoe.

The Ledbetter Healing Garden

Ledbetter Garden, Barton Health

The Ledbetter Healing Garden was dedicated in September 2009 in memory of William, Beverlee, and Erica Ledbetter. The Garden provides a healing place for those seeking relaxation and restoration from mental and emotional fatigue. It features a lovely waterfall framed by a specimen pine, a rock labyrinth, gorgeous plants and trees, and an engraved rock to forever honor this special family that has such a long history both at Barton and in Lake Tahoe.

Healing Design Project

Healing Room Design

Fundraising for this innovative endeavor began in October of 2002 with the idea to present a soothing environment for patients in which to heal. The project began with research on the healing process and how the environment in which the patient is placed can affect this process. It was discovered that hospitals around the country were noticing patients placed in rooms with warm, subtle colors, soothing sounds and plush, comfortable furniture, healed more quickly, required less pain management and experienced a less stressful hospital stay. 
$560,000 was raised for the project which incorporated lobby areas, patient rooms and the Barton Mountain Café. The Foundation took great care in selecting local artists and vendors in order to promote community growth and a local partnership.


Helipad, Barton Health

In October 2001, the Barton Foundation provided over $1 million to establish a helipad at the hospital. Prior to completing the construction, helicopters had to land in the parking lot area behind the hospital which was precarious at best. In order to land, traffic had to be halted, adding precious minutes to the transport time.