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Barton Performance by ALTIS

Barton Performance by ALTIS


Power | Speed | Endurance

Barton Performance by ALTIS:
  • A partnership between Barton Health and ALTIS
  • Designed and delivered by world-class professional coaches
  • A training and coaching system achieving 55 Track and Field Olympic and World Championship medals
  • Supports professional and emerging elite athletes in winter and summer sports around the world

For all members from our community and region with Performance goals:

  • Pursue your sporting endeavors to a higher level
  • Enhance vital performance lifestyle habits to train, eat and recover better
  • Reduce injury risk factors
  • Use self-awareness to be able to self-manage your training
  • Train smarter for power, speed and endurance for consistent performance

Barton Performance Training Center

  • World-class training and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Performance Membership Programs
  • Experienced and certified Performance Coaches

The Barton Performance Programs and services navigated by you and your coach to:

  • Evaluate and define performance goals
  • Match your lifestyle with a training program to achieve your goals
  • Online education programs to enhance eating and recovery habits vital for health, injury reduction and energy
  • On-site supervision and small group training provides safe, focused, quality sessions
  • Web and mobile-based programs to train anywhere, anytime
  • Interactive ability to communicate with your coach at your convenience
  • Workshops, course and seminars to share informed professional opinion on current and new trends

Contact Information

  • Barton Performance by ALTIS Training Center, 1119 Emerald Bay Road, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
  • 530.600.1976
  • BartonPerformance.com


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