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We are excited to bring the We Can! program to South Lake Tahoe area students and families. All students from the four elementary schools will participate in We Can! which stands for Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity and Nutrition.

In the next four weeks, there will be weekly challenges that focus on fitness and nutrition goals. We encourage you to try these goals as a family! The PE Teachers will remind students of these goals and the Cafeteria will be serving fruits and vegetables that match the color of the week. Try adding the colorful fruits and vegetables to your child’s lunch or serving them at dinner. 

We Can! Challenges

Week 1 Challenge (starts September 19)
Be Active. Be active for 1 hour each day. Play at recess, get up and move!

Color of the week: Eat RED fruits and vegetables.

Week 2 Challenge (starts September 26)
Walk or bike to school. Get exercise and help spare the air!

Color of the week: Eat ORANGE fruits and vegetables.

Week 3 Challenge (starts October 3)
Try a new food. Whole foods are the best! Try nuts, a new veggie, fruit or a food you don't normally eat.

Color of the week: Eat YELLOW fruits and vegetables.

Week 4 Challenge (starts October 10)
Drink Water. Drink at least 2 bottles of water each day.

Color of the week: Eat GREEN fruits and vegetables.


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WeCan! is a creation of the Human Health and Social Wellbeing Group. If you have any questions or would like more information about WeCan!, please ask your school’s PE teacher or you can contact Natasha Schue at 530.543.5537.