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5 Tips for Better Sleep

Getting adequate sleep has many health benefits and is a proactive step to reduce stress and boost your immune system during the pandemic. The following techniques can help you fall and stay asleep more easily:

  1. Exercise regularly. Thirty minutes of exercise three or four times a week helps reduce stress and aid in better, deeper sleep.
  2. Create a good sleep environment. Keep the temperature in your bedroom cool at night, ideally in the mid-60s. Use heavy drapes or a light-blocking shade on windows to keep the room dark.
  3. Establish pre-bedtime boundaries. Don’t consume caffeine four to six hours before your usual bedtime. Avoid alcohol before going to bed, as it can interrupt deep sleep. Limit screen time and stay off devices an hour before bed to help wind down. 
  4. Help manage your stress, anxiety, and depression. Practicing mindfulness or gratitude helps you relax before bed. If you often lie awake thinking about the day or what you must do tomorrow, make a note to yourself to set worries aside.
  5. Check in with your doctor. Ask your health care provider if medication you take may be keeping you awake. If your sleep is fragmented, talk with your provider about testing for disorders or other issues that can be getting in the way of you and your health.

With one in three Americans reporting they don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis, now is the time to make sure your body stays in fighting shape by rejuvenating through sleep. 

Dr. Gregory Tirdel is a sleep disorders medicine physician at Barton Health. Talk with your doctor for a referral to Barton’s Sleep Studies & Lab. Learn more at BartonHealth.org/Sleep or by calling 530.543.5895.