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Be You, Only Better

It's important to take care of body, mind and spirit to get the most out of the Tahoe lifestyle. Injuries can derail plans to enjoy the great outdoors or our favorite indoor activities. But, an injury doesn't have to throw you off track forever. Go beyond just dealing with injury - follow these tips to be better than you were before.

Explore opportunities to improve mindfulness.

An injury may frustrate you, but find ways to still enjoy each day. Keeping a positive mindset can actually help you heal faster and will improve your outlook on life even after you've healed.

Make good nutrition decisions.

As your body works to mend itself, it needs good nutrition. Add anti-inflammatory foods and herbs into your diet, like olive oil, fish, turmeric and green tea. Be sure to get adequate protein, which helps rebuild tissue.

Boost your strength.

Taking time to rest and recover from your injury is important. However, you can also use modified workouts to get yourself moving again and strengthen muscles. Talk with your physician before returning to exercise and discuss what movements you may be able to do.

Discover all the possibilities available at the Barton Center for Orthopedics & Wellness to help you feel your best and get the most out of your active lifestyle.