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Dining out tips for healthy eating at restaurants. Woman and man eating lunch.

Dining Out

Nearly 75% of Americans eat at a restaurant at least once a week. Eating at restaurants too often can take a toll on your health; the trick is to learn how to eat well while dining out:

  • Don't Skip Lunch - Some people think skipping lunch is an easy way to save on calories. However, you'll end up at the restaurants feeling hungry and may eat more than you normally would. Instead, eat a light lunch to keep your hunger under control.
  • Choose Low-Calorie Drinks - Stick with water, low-fat milk or unsweetened teas to save on liquid calories.
  • Stay Away From Snacking - The most damage often occurs before the actual meal begins; bread, chips and salsa, and appetizers can add up the calories quickly.
  • Pick The Best Protein - Order leaner cuts of beef, and enjoy grilled or baked chicken and fish, instead of pan-fried or deep-fried.
  • Make Healthy Swaps - Swap the high-fat, high-calorie side like French fries and baked potatoes for steamed vegetables and side salads.