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Dr. Rhonda Sneeringer

Get to Know Barton Health's COVID-19 Medical Director: Rhonda Sneeringer, MD, FAAP

To say Dr. Rhonda Sneeringer is a woman who wears many hats would be putting it lightly. Dr. Sneeringer is the current medical director overseeing outpatient COVID-19 operations at Barton Health. She has been instrumental in maintaining the health system’s COVID-19 clinics and developing a community “health line” providing guidance and medical advice to our residents — all while still serving in her pre-pandemic role as a hospitalist. Did we mention she’s also a mom of four?

For the past 7 years, Dr. Sneeringer has shown what dedication to health care means to both her patients and coworkers. “Barton Health is a great organization that strongly believes in its physician leadership and a place where I can work alongside many other talented providers and staff,” Sneeringer said.

Taking on a New Role
Dr. Sneeringer always knew her journey would lead her to a career in health care. Her grandfathers were beloved small-town doctors, and her aunt was the second woman to graduate from Ohio State’s medical school. A pediatrician and internist by trade, Dr. Sneeringer’s role at Barton Health changed drastically when the pandemic hit last March.

As COVID-19 Medical Director, Dr. Sneeringer helps ensure Barton Health keeps its patients and workforce safe by staying up-to-date on all new scientific recommendations. She helped create the health system’s two COVID-19 clinics, which aim to organize and deliver care to those affected by the virus while keeping the emergency room from becoming overwhelmed. She also helped design a single point of contact for patients to call — the Health line, 530-600-1999 — to determine where they need to go if they believe they have COVID-19. 

“I feel lucky to be a part of a health care organization in which administration listens to physicians and takes their advice to heart,” she said. “I am grateful Barton Health helps us make the best decisions for the safety of our community and the people who work here.”

Outside of the Hospital
Dr. Sneeringer is originally from the Midwest, born and raised in the suburbs of St. Louis. She attended the Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago for her medical degree. Always drawn to the mountains, she and her husband, Kevin, initially lived in Denver, until they decided to trade in their Rocky Mountains for the vistas of
the Sierra Nevada.

The couple has four children: Benjamin, 9; Charlie, 7; and twins Penelope and Josephine, 4. Dr. Sneeringer expressed her heartfelt gratitude for Kevin, as he has stayed at home with their kids this past challenging year while she has been spearheading COVID-19 efforts.

“He makes sure they are educated and taken care for in a time of our lives where I am working so hard,” she said. “He also has been working incredibly hard. I know I could not have accomplished what I have for the organization and community and had safe and happy children without him.”

When she can find the time, Dr. Sneeringer finds outlets in music and the outdoors. You can find her getting some laps in on her skis, cross country mountain biking, swimming or playing her piano.