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Improving the Lives of People with Cancer

Cancer Support Services through Barton Health provide care, education, and support

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming to patients and their families. While cancer is a life-changing diagnosis, wellness and support services can help patients cope with their diagnosis and symptoms. Studies show that cancer patients participating in wellness-based programs have a higher quality of life and experience more energy and less depression.

Barton’s Cancer Support Services provide local access to supportive care options that address both the physical and emotional needs of patients and their loved ones. A variety of programs and services are available:

Coordinated, expert care:

Acupuncture—Helps alleviate symptoms and conditions associated with cancer and cancer treatments. Barton now offers Community Acupuncture sessions.

Behavioral Health Therapy—Available for both patients and their families, this helps address the mix of emotions and pain associated with a cancer diagnosis and treatment process.

Lymphatic Massage—Gently stimulates the lymphatic system to reduce swelling and promote immunity and healing.

Nutritional Education—Improves quality of life and reduces treatment recovery times with nutrition counseling and guidance from registered dietitians.

Health Coaching—Whole-body approach that promotes well-being and supports cancer patients throughout their journey.

Palliative Care—Improves the quality of life of individuals and families experiencing life-threatening illnesses through symptom management.

Classes to boost quality of life:

Mindfulness Classes—Addresses and decreases stress with strategies that improve concentration and functioning to better manage emotional and physical health.

Exercise for Energy—Guided exercise with a physical therapist for strengthening, stretching, breathing, balance, cardio, and wellness education.

Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation–Yoga can create a sense of well-being, provide relaxation, and has been shown to alleviate some symptoms associated with cancer while improving energy.

Support for patients and families:

Adult Family Caregiver Support Group—For those caring for adults with chronic and disabling health conditions.

Women’s Cancer Support Group—Providing a safe, confidential environment where women with cancer, or a history of cancer, can meet others and address their challenges.

Financial Support—Financial grants are available through the Barton Foundation to help with most cancer support services.

Through care, education, and support, Barton Health’s Cancer Support Services are here to help elevate the physical and mental well-being of people affected by cancer, from diagnosis to survivorship. To learn more, visit

Janet Goodall, PA, FNP, is an Oncology, Occupational Health, and Urgent Care specialist with Barton Health.