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Pushing for new heights: Amanda training at the Barton Center for Orthopedics & Wellness with Kyler Crouse.

My Journey to Health

How one medical appointment changed Amanda Buck’s life
Living in South Lake Tahoe, Amanda Buck had always wanted to hike iconic Mt. Tallac, but she was intimidated by what it would take to reach her dream. At 425 pounds and struggling with anxiety, she could barely leave her house. Little did she know that one medical visit would start her on a new journey toward a healthier version of herself—one who could pursue that goal.
Although she was nervous about asking for help, Amanda summoned the courage to talk with her health care provider, Andrea Baldwin, FNP, at Barton Community Health Center. Andrea referred her to behavioral health specialist Kim Vankirk, LCSW to help manage Amanda's anxiety and give her the tools to get her started. When Amanda was mentally prepared to take the next step, Kim connected her with Nancy Laurenson, MSc, at the Barton Center for Orthopedics & Wellness for Health Coaching.

Health Coaches looks at the whole person, not just specific symptoms, and identifies manageable lifestyle changes. This helps the participant gain motivation and adopt long-term behavioral changes to achieve optimal health.
A Network of Life-Changing Support 
Assessing patients like Amanda enables health coaches to refer people to additional providers that can help them along their health journey. Nancy guided Amanda through the next steps to improve her mental and physical health, something Amanda states was critical to pushing through to the next level of her journey.
“Nancy would ask me what I wanted to work on the most mentally, physically, and professionally,” Amanda shares. “She never told me what to do. Instead she would lead me to my own conclusions. This coaching really changed my life.” 
Nancy’s role as Amanda’s health coach linked her to solutions to address her goals through fitness, nutrition, and stress management. With Amanda's ignited sense of purpose, Nancy referred her to strength and conditioning specialist Kyler Crouse with Barton Performance. Kyler started Amanda on a personalized training program to get her ready to hike up Mt. Tallac.
“I was feeling energized, like I broke through a plateau,” Amanda shares. 
Seeing Real Results 
Participating in Barton’s Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) was the final piece of the puzzle for Amanda. CHIP is a national program that focuses on improving health and wellness through lifestyle changes.
“CHIP was the next step I needed, and I’m making better choices about my lifestyle. For example, I really enjoyed learning healthy recipes at our cooking class.”
Besides losing weight (she’s currently at 349 pounds*!) Amanda’s lifestyle changes have resulted in other improvements in her health. Her blood test results have shown reduced cholesterol and blood sugar. Improvements in these areas can help prevent chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. 
By asking for help and taking attainable steps toward her health goals, Amanda has gone from struggling to walk around the block to enjoying the outdoors and training for her dream to hike Mt. Tallac this summer.

Need Help Taking The First Step? Nancy Laurenson, MSc, is a Barton Wellness Navigator. To schedule a free Discovery Session, call 530.539.6620. Or talk with your primary care provider about services to reach your health goals. More information is available at BartonOrthopedicsAndWellness.com.

* As of the publishing of the Spring 2019 edition of Barton's Health & Life.