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Quick Winter Workouts

Lift Your Spirits and Burn 200 Calories with Quick Winter Workouts

A drop in winter temperature doesn’t mean you have to drop your level of physical activity. Enjoy significant health benefits by staying active during the winter — even if only for a short period of time.

Here are fun ways to burn 200 calories, quickly:

ACTIVITY  How Many Minutes to Burn 200 Calories?
 Based on Weight: 120 lbs. 160 lbs.  200 lbs. 
Shoveling Snow 38  28 23
Sledding 32  24 19
Cross-Country Skiing 28 21 17
Downhill Skiing  35  26 21 
Ice-Skating 37 28  22
Snowshoeing 30  25  20
Stacking Firewood 37 28 22


Remember, cold temperatures can cause your body to lose heat faster than your body can produce it. As you head outside, dress properly, stay hydrated, know your surroundings, be smart, and have fun!