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Recover Like a Champion After Winter Activities

Try these stretches to help fatigued muscles recover from winter activities, be it a powder day on the slopes or shoveling snow off the deck.

Seated Spinal Twist

Sit up with a straight spine on a comfortable surface. Cross one leg over the other with the knee bent and foot flat on the floor. Rotate/twist your body toward the bent knee and hook your opposite elbow over the bent knee. Push into that knee until you feel a stretch in the spine and hip.

Person demonstrates a seated spinal twist.

Thread the Needle

Lie flat on your back with a straight spine. Have both knees bent in the hook-lying position. Cross one leg with the ankle over the other knee, then pull the knee that the ankle is crossed over up to 90 degrees. You may also push away on the crossed knee with one hand and continue to pull on the knee that is at 90 degrees. Feel a stretch in the hip and low back.

Person demonstrates the thread the needle exercise.

Quad Stretch

Stand with a straight spine. Balance on one leg while holding onto something, or without holding onto something to better challenge your core. Bend the unweighted knee and pull your heel toward your buttocks to feel a stretch in the thigh’s quadricep region.

Person demonstrates a quad stretch.

Expert Care for Rehabilitation

Alan Barichievich, MS, PT, is the Director of Rehabilitation Services at Barton Health. For more information about personalized rehabilitation programs that improve body mechanics, range of motion, and getting back to favorite activities, visit BartonOrthopedicsAndWellness.com/Rehabilitation or call 530.539.6600.