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Take your favorite activity to the next level

Looking forward to spring activities like running, biking or hiking? Barton Performance Lab & Analysis services available through the Barton Center for Orthopedics & Wellness can help prevent injury, increase performance and support you in pursuing the activities you love. Here are just a few examples of how Performance Analysis can help your game:

Bike Fitting

Geared for those who road bike, mountain bike, or compete in triathlons. The goal is to increase pedaling efficiency, power, and performance while decreasing overuse injuries, saddle soreness, and pain.

Lower Extremity Test
Assess balance, agility, and strength after injury to determine the patient's readiness for play.

Gait Analysis
Using infrared frequency, video, and digital software, a physical therapist evaluates walking and running gait, then works with the patient on a personalized plan to correct biomechanics.

This anti-gravity treadmill reduces weight and impact, helping strengthen muscles and train before taking an activity to the trail.

If your favorite activity causes pain, or you’re interested in taking it to the next level, Barton Performance Lab & Analysis can help. Contact us at 530.600.1976 or visit BartonPerformance.com for a complete list of services available. 

Caroline Barichievich trail running.