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The Party's Over When Alcohol Use Becomes a Problem

The Party's Over - When Alcohol Abuse Becomes A Problem

Excessive alcohol use is the third leading cause of preventable death in the United States. This dangerous behavior is responsible for more than 88,000 deaths annually and a wide range of health and social problems.

Certain behaviors may mean that you or someone you know is having trouble with alcohol. Look for these signs:

  • Drinking in the morning, being drunk for long periods of time or drinking alone
  • Not remembering what you did while you were drinking (blackouts)
  • Trying to quit or cut back on drinking but being unable to do so
  • Giving up other activities to be able to drink
  • Making excuses for your drinking or doing things to hide your drinking
  • Worrying that you won't have enough alcohol for an evening or weekend
  • Feelings of guilt associated with drinking
  • Continuing to drink even though it harms your relationships, job performance or health

If you or someone you know if having problems with alcohol, there are things you can do to help. Talk with someone you trust about your struggles. Make an appointment with your primary care provider and check out support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous ( and Al-Anon Family Groups (