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Dr. Katie Gollotto

The Tahoe Way: Living and Performing at Your Best

Q&A with a non-surgical orthopedics and sports medicine specialist

Katie Gollotto, DO, (Dr. Katie) is passionate about sports medicine and bringing quality care to athletes in the Tahoe region. Board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as sports medicine, she is trained to empower athletes of all ages to pursue sports and passions to the best of their abilities, decrease pain, and have peace of mind.

Why is sports and physical medicine important for our region?
Dr. Katie: Lake Tahoe is known for world-class recreation. From the sports field to the great outdoors, there is a large population of active individuals, many who participate in year-round, high-impact sports, which makes injuries inevitable. I have trained specifically in sports medicine because I am passionate and knowledgeable about what it takes to get an athlete back to the sport they love, not only safely, but quickly.

What sets sports medicine physicians apart in their care for athletes?

Dr. Katie: An injury doesn’t have to mark the end of an athlete’s training while they recover. The goal of a sports medicine physician is to keep the athlete safely active. We prioritize non-surgical solutions when available, and look for other ways they can train and develop while still getting adequate rest and rehabilitation for their injury.

When should somebody see a sports medicine physician?

Dr. Katie: Exams can happen at any time, but I often see athletes directly following injury or to address specific pain. For training and competing athletes, it’s good to establish a baseline of care and assess any underlying issues that increase their risk for certain injuries.

What is your favorite part of your job?
Dr. Katie: Sports, and exercise in general, are often part of a person’s identity. As an athlete myself, I understand the necessary mindset and the fulfillment one gets from pushing their body. I love supporting athletes in reaching their goals and look forward to working alongside the Lake Tahoe community to keep my patients safe, active, and doing the activities that define them.

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