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When Does Alcohol Use Become a Problem?

You are at risk for alcohol abuse if your drinking habits exceed:

  • 4 drinks per day for men
  • 14 drinks per week for men
  • 3 drinks a day for women
  • 7 drinks per week for women

You may be struggling with alcohol use if you:

  • Drink in the morning
  • Are drunk for long periods of time
  • Drink alone
  • Can't remember what you did while drinking
  • Give up other activities for drinking
  • Are unable to quit or cut back on drinking
  • Try to hide your drinking
  • Worry you won't have enough alcohol for an evening or weekend
  • Continue to drink even though it harms your relationship, job performance or health

Help is available in our community. For resources available, visit bartonhealth.org/behavioralhealth.