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Healthy Pregnancy Lifestyles

Relationships, Sex, and Intimacy


  • We're Pregnant–Tips for the Expectant Dad

    We’re Pregnant–Tips for the Expectant Dad The words “We’re pregnant” sound familiar these days. More than ever, men are actively involved throughout the pregnancy experience. The term expectant fathe...

  • Being There: Advice for Expectant Dads

    Being There: Advice for Expectant Dads Remember scenes from old movies where the husband paces around the waiting room while his wife is in labor? As a father-to-be today, you know that you can parti...

  • Parents-to-Be Must Communicate

    Parents-to-Be Must Communicate It's the rare expectant couple that doesn't go through classes to prepare for labor and delivery—events that, while momentous, are over in a matter of hours. But few mo...

  • Sex During Pregnancy

    Sex During Pregnancy Considerations regarding sex during pregnancy: In most cases, sex during pregnancy is safe. In fact, with your health care provider's approval, sexual relations can continue unti...