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Lactation Education

Breastfeeding is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and offers a great balance of nutrients for a baby while boosting their immune system and helping protect against a variety of diseases and conditions. Barton's certified lactation consultants are available to help parents navigate the breastfeeding journey and achieve their feeding goals.

From anatomical differences to lack of familiarity, new parents may need to overcome several breastfeeding hurdles before a natural rhythm is established.

Lactation Education Class

Taught by a registered nurse, the monthly Lactation Education course offers an overview of breastfeeding benefits for expecting parents including infant hunger cues, latching techniques, hand expression, supplements and more. View Classes & Register >

Lactation Consultation

After pregnancy/ birth, a lactation specialist will help breastfeeding parents learn different feeding positions, how to encourage a baby to latch, and how to navigate potential breastfeeding-related challenges like milk supply, plugged ducts, and pain.

Lactation specialists can also provide education and information about expressing, pumping, and storing breast milk.

Lactation consultations are available in the Family Birthing Center, or by appointment (530.539.6119).