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American Council of Graduate Medical Education Accredits Barton Health and the Sports Medicine Fellowship Program

South Lake Tahoe, CA – The American Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has identified Barton Health, in conjunction with their Lake Tahoe Sports Medicine Fellowship program, as an accredited Graduate Medical Education institution. 

For years, Barton has participated in Graduate Medical Education in conjunction with other health care systems.  Orthopedic surgery residency graduates from across the United States apply annually for two highly competitive ACGME accredited fellowship positions offered by Barton’s Sports Medicine Fellowship program.  In addition, general surgery and urology residents from the University of California, Davis School of Medicine and medical students from the University of Nevada School of Medicine conduct clinical rounds in the hospital and outpatient clinics as part of their clinical training.

Dr. Keith Swanson has been selected to lead the new Graduate Medical Education (GME) department.

At a recent Board of Directors meeting, Dr. Swanson noted Graduate Medical Education is the foundation of all physician training in the United States and aligns with Barton’s strategic plan to use its unique attributes to help educate future physicians.  

“The GME accreditation is an opportunity to expand Barton’s role as a leader in rural health,” says Dr. Swanson.  “By having additional doctors-in-training, we have more opportunities to stimulate our medical staff with new knowledge and expertise and provide high quality care.”

Dr. Swanson is a practicing orthopedic surgeon with Tahoe Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. He also serves as the Program Director and the Designated Institutional Official (DIO) for the Lake Tahoe Sports Medicine Fellowship.  

For more information about the Graduate Medical Education at Barton Health, contact Jennifer Gaston, the GME Coordinator, at 530.543.5781.