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Barton Foundation's Philanthropy Day 2019

Barton Foundation Gives Over $360,000 For Community Health Improvements

(South Lake Tahoe, CA) – The Barton Foundation provided more than $360,000 in funding during 2019, delivering a profound community impact made possible by philanthropy and donor generosity over the year. Medical equipment, new technology, care provider education and support, expanding access to mental and behavioral health services, and funding for local organizations were all aspects of the Barton Foundation’s scope of giving last year, as part of its of its commitment to community well-being through Barton Health.

More than one third of the Barton Foundation investments in 2019 went to purchasing medical equipment, bringing in new technology, and offering training and education opportunities for care providers. Some of the new equipment and technology upgrades include an additional infant warmer in the Barton Family Birthing Center; a specialized camera to detect retinopathy – the leading cause of blindness in the United States; ventilators to support patients with chronic respiratory conditions at home; and medical technology to allow for sharper images guiding wrist and hand orthopedic surgeries.

Barton’s 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment identified mental and behavioral health as the most pressing health issue of the area. The Barton Foundation dedicated sizable funding in 2019 to community organizations working to address this issue. Additional support provided by the Foundation last year went to improving access to mental and behavioral health services, and renovating two Emergency Department rooms at the hospital for patients in crisis.

As part of the Barton Foundation’s vision to positively impact the health of the community by providing financial resources, funding was given to an array of local support, education and health improvement efforts. Financial aid was given to cancer patients for access to Barton’s Cancer Support Services. The Foundation’s 2019 grant cycle awarded $50,000 to 15 local care-based organizations. Further training and medical equipment was given to community police, fire, and educators for the “Stop the Bleed” program, which trains first responders how to care for trauma victims.

The Barton Foundation’s mission is to inspire philanthropy for the health of the community. Up next in the Barton Foundation’s annual programming, Pink Heavenly will take over Heavenly Mountain Resort’s California Base Lodge on March 21, celebrating fundraising efforts that directly benefit wellness programs through Barton’s Cancer Support Services.

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