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Barton Health Foundation Hosts Golf Classic to Benefit Community Health Through Improved Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

(South Lake Tahoe, CA) – Continuing its mission of advancing local healthcare through philanthropy, the Barton Health Foundation is hosting the Barton Health Foundation Golf Classic on Monday, October 17 at Edgewood Tahoe, to raise funds to improve breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

All funds raised will go toward the advancement of Barton’s 3D Breast Screening program, which will soon include Contrast Enhanced Mammography, a technique that uses an intravenous contrast agent that shows new or unusual blood flow patterns that develop when cancers grow, along with 3D-Guided Biopsy, a minimally invasive procedure to gather tissue samples from a breast abnormality. 

“This technology is truly state-of-the-art and takes breast imaging to a new level, demonstrating the most extensive mammographic offering in the Tahoe basin,” said Dr. Kinsey Pillsbury, Fellowship-trained mammographer and Radiologist with Barton Medical Imaging. “With these advancements to our 3D Mammography program, we will be able to better understand abnormalities and prepare for surgical removal, making the procedure faster and more comfortable for patients.”

3D mammograms improve cancer detection rates, reduce the need for additional testing and multiple visits, have the ability to detect more invasive cancers, reduce false positives, and improve cancer detection especially in people with dense breasts, resulting in life-saving diagnosis and treatment.

Procedures using Contrast Enhanced Mammography and 3D-Guided Biopsy are expected to be available to the community through Barton Medical Imaging later this year. Patients are encouraged to speak with their care provider about their risk for certain cancers and the screenings available.

“We look forward to joining together as a community to raise money for important innovations in technology that advance healthcare technology in our community,” said Chris Kiser, Executive Director of the Barton Health Foundation. “Our Golf Classic offers community members the opportunity to make a positive impact on local healthcare through their personal philanthropy. We look forward to a fun-filled day of golf on October 17th.”

For more information about the Barton Health Foundation Golf Classic, including event details, registration, and donations, visit BartonHealthFoundation.org.