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DrFirst Healthiverse Heroes Award

Barton Health Pharmacy Wins Award for Innovation and Quality

(South Lake Tahoe, Calif.) – Barton Health Pharmacy won Gold in the 2023 Healthiverse Heroes Award, Hospitals and Health Systems (under 500 beds) category, for delivering superior quality of care through their digital medication management system. This annual award honors healthcare providers and organizations that use technology in innovative ways so patients can achieve better health. Barton is proud to add this accomplishment to a growing list of accolades that point to quality care for the Lake Tahoe community.

Barton Health Pharmacy was recognized for the use of a medication history system, which allows Barton clinicians to obtain the most accurate list possible of a patient's current and past medications from other institutions and providers. Upon admission, a patient’s prescription profile can be reviewed and integrated into the care plan to better address the patient's medical needs. The system improves medication compatibility and effectiveness for better patient outcomes.

“Medication histories are important in preventing the risks of prescription errors. Our medical history technology enables us to significantly improve efficiency and accuracy, especially when providing care for our tourist population and community members who are unable to speak to what medications they’ve taken before they receive care at Barton Memorial Hospital,” said Jeff Koeck, director of pharmacy, Barton Health. “We are proud to be acknowledged for this program, a demonstration of our commitment to quality medication management that empowers providers, protects patients, and supports positive outcomes.”

Nominations were submitted from multiple sources, including Barton Health staff and other industry leaders. The nominations were judged by the clinical team at DrFirst, creators of the award and experts with backgrounds in medicine and pharmacy. Winners were selected based on multiple criteria, including innovative use of technology and level of impact. 

More information about Barton Health’s quality and patient safety recognition is available at BartonHealth.org/Quality.