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Barton Hospital’s Capnography Program Receives National Award

South Lake Tahoe, CA - The Joint Commission recently recognized Barton Memorial Hospital’s capnography program for “Best Clinical Application.” Of 60 abstracts submitted, Barton received one of three national awards. 

A capnography machine is a respiratory device that monitors a patient’s breathing during anesthesia and intensive care. By reviewing and improving prevention processes and implementing awareness programs in the last four years, Barton Hospital greatly reduced risks and improved patient safety. This included reduction of patient narcotic usage, improved identification methods for at-risk patients, and additional physician and staff education. 

Christine O’Farrell, RN, Barton Health’s Director of Quality Management, accepted the award at the Society for Technology’s annual Anesthesia’s Advancing Perioperative Outcomes Conference in January.

“It is an honor to be nationally recognized for our improvements in our capnography program,” says O’Farrell. “Our capnography team is comprised of physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists committed to making positive changes and helping our patients breathe easier.”