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Barton’s First Baby of 2014 Born on the Second of January

South Lake Tahoe, CA - South Lake Tahoe residents, Adriana and Abraham Tapia, welcomed Barton Hospital’s first baby of the year on January 2. Joshua Tapia-Hernandez, who was due on December 31, weighed six pounds, fourteen ounces and measured eighteen inches long.

Joshua was born at 5:24pm on Thursday. When mother Adriana arrived at the hospital in the early afternoon, she was very calm. She said her calmness even amazed her physician, Dr. Spielvogel, who was surprised how quickly the baby was born.

The family is very familiar with Barton’s Family Birthing Center. Father Abraham is a Barton employee and has lived in South Lake Tahoe for nearly 25 years. They have three other children, including an 11-month-old son.

To honor the first baby of the year, Barton provided a generous gift package for the family. This year, local businesses and Barton employees donated over $1,200 in baby supplies, toys, and gift certificates.

In 2013, Barton’s Family Birthing Center delivered 289 babies, including four sets of twins

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