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Nurse holds a newborn baby at Barton Memorial Hospital's Family Birthing Center.

Compassion is at the Heart of Nursing

Julie Clayton, CNO at Barton HealthThere are over 4 million nurses in the United States. Nurses work in every community large and small providing care in hospital and clinic settings alike.

When we seek medical care, we’re often not at our best – and nurses are there to care for us and our loved ones when we need them. For many of us, a medical problem can be one of the most vulnerable moments in a person’s life. Be it a one-time visit or over the course of several years, patients meet nurses as strangers, and form a high-trust relationship throughout their care. 

Beyond nursing’s reputation for compassion and dedication lies a highly specialized profession which is constantly evolving. Through the critical thinking exemplified in the nursing process, nurses use their judgement to integrate objective data with subjective experience for a patient’s physical and emotional needs. 

While one week is not enough to recognize their countless contributions, National Nurses Week, May 6-12, is an opportunity to let Barton’s nurses know how much their work is valued and appreciated.

Barton is delighted to provide a new way for patients and the community to recognize nurses who have helped them. The DAISY Award® is an international appreciation program where patients and their families can nominate nurses and share their story about the difference nurses made during a difficult time. The DAISY Award® is just one way to show appreciation throughout the year and elevate the extraordinary care Barton nurses provide. I invite you to join Barton Health in celebrating nurses and the positive impact they make in our lives.
Julie Clayton, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, is Chief Nursing Officer at Barton Health. This is the third health care system she has implemented the Daisy Award® at.