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MRI Machine at Barton Memorial Hospital

New Barton MRI Suite Offers Latest in Medical Imaging

(South Lake Tahoe, CA) – Barton Health is now scheduling patients at its new MRI Suite. The $3.3 million project offers an improved medical imaging experience with a private waiting area, increased safety features, faster exam times and the latest in magnetic resonance imaging equipment.

Inside Barton’s MRI Suite, a new MRI machine features state-of-the-art Short Bore and Wide Bore technology. Short Bore MRI delivers powerful imaging capabilities on a smaller footprint, allowing technicians more room for operations and the ability for parents to be in-room with their children during procedures. Wide Bore MRI provides noise suppression, reduces issues with claustrophobia and can accommodate larger patients; who no longer have to travel long distances for specialized medical imaging.

Two new services will soon be available at Barton Memorial Hospital with the new MRI machine; Breast MRI, a next step to analyze issues detected in mammograms, and Prostate MRI, a less invasive and more comfortable screening process for men.

The Barton Foundation provided funding for the MRI Suite’s ferromagnetic metal detector, which detects metal objects before they enter the MRI room and can become dangerous. The machine’s metal suppression software ensures orthopedic patients or those with screws, pins and other internal medical equipment containing metal receive a safer screening along with a high quality image. 

“We are proud to be a leader in community health and offer new services with cutting edge medical equipment to the area,” said Dr. Leonard Holmgren, Medical Director at Barton Health’s Medical Imaging Department. “The MRI Suite is an example of Barton Health striving to provide consistently exceptional care.”

For more information on the MRI Suite, medical imaging services and technology available at Barton Health, visit bartonhealth.org/medicalimaging. To make an appointment, call 530.543.5850.