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The Attic Thrift Store

The Attic Thrift Store Will Shift Focus in June

(South Lake Tahoe, CA) – To meet the growing needs of South Lake Tahoe’s most vulnerable residents, Barton Health’s The Attic Thrift Store (The Attic) will refocus its structure, shifting from retail sales to food and clothing distribution. This change will take effect in June, when retail sales will cease and volunteers will participate in distributing goods at no cost to residents in need. 

“A new approach for The Attic ensures we are addressing our population's most pressing health needs so community members can have the best chance at a healthy life,” said Chris Proctor, Director of Community Benefit, Barton Health. “Social determinants of health — the non-medical health measures that greatly influence our health such as food, clothing, and housing — must be fulfilled before community members can consider the next steps of managing their medical health. By honing in on this need, we are working toward greater health equity.”

The Attic was started by the Barton Auxiliary to support the community hospital through the resale of donated goods and clothing. The Barton Auxiliary will again share oversight of this next venture, fulfilling its mission to support the health and wellness of community members.

“We are excited to contribute toward a greater purpose, and while the common greatest need may have evolved, the origin remains: volunteers making a difference,” said Larry Coffman, Barton Auxiliary President.

The current building hosting The Attic will be listed for sale. The new distribution operation will relocate to the South Lake Tahoe campus, closer to patient services.

Proceeds of the sale of The Attic Thrift Store building at 970 Lodi Ave. will be reinvested into Barton’s California campus to help fund a planned expansion of Barton’s Community Health Center.

“We are deeply grateful to the many volunteers and community members who have interacted with The Attic over the years and donated items in support of the livelihood of our community,” said Proctor. “As this retail door closes, another opens, and we look forward to supporting the community for many more years through this new initiative.”

Residents are encouraged to donate their gently used goods and clothing to other area thrift stores as The Attic is no longer accepting donations. Additional information including plans for final sale of goods as well as future targeted donation initiatives supporting the distribution program will follow.