• 530.541.3420 | 2170 South Avenue, S. Lake Tahoe, CA

Barton Seasonal Ski Clinics:

Barton's seasonal urgent care medical clinics are staffed by trained emergency medicine physicians and support medical staff who provide care and treatment for skiing, snowboarding, and sports related injuries. If you’ve injured yourself while visiting, whether skiing or otherwise, our specialists are available to help.

Sierra Ski Clinic Logo

Location: First floor of the Main Lodge, next to Ski Patrol
Phone: 530.659.7434

Kirkwood Ski Clinic Logo

Location: Second floor of Red Cliff Lodge
Phone: 209.258.7236

Services at the Barton Ski Clinics include:

  • Urgent care treatment of ski and snowboard injuries
  • X-rays, IV Moderate Sedation
  • Patient ground & airlift transport to hospitals & trauma centers
  • Ski resort employee healthcare
  • Ski resort employee workers comp injuries