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Sporting Event Medical Coverage Volunteers

The 2016 Medical Coverage Volunteer Team is a collaborative effort and is comprised of physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, medical assistants, techs, engineering staff, bio medical professionals, and non-clinical staff. Together, their medical care and assistance for 2016 totaled more than 1,500 hours at 17 events.

Our service has grown from one day events to several multi-day physical challenges. We increased our presence at this year’s Men's and Women's AMGEN Tour of California. Our volunteers were also an integral part of ensuring MedWAR Tahoe Challenge was a huge success.

To our volunteers: thank you for your valuable time, excellent care, compassion, and selfless dedication.

If you'd like to learn more about volunteering in 2017, please contact Khristy Gavigan.

2016 Events

 - Daron Rahlves Banzai Tour
 - Student Athlete Sports Physicals
 - Rock Tahoe Half Marathon
 - AMGEN Tour of California
 - America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride
 - Bike Fit Clinic
 - TRT 100
 - TRT 200
 - Tahoe Games - Night Bike Races
 - Lake Tahoe Marathon
 - MedWAR Lake Tahoe
 - Tour of Tahoe Bike Ride
 - Air Show
 - CUFA Soccer Tournament
 - Tallac Hotshot Foot Care Clinic
 - El Dorado County- EMS Head too Toe- Injury Prevention Clinic


America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride

Come Up For Air Soccer Tournament

"We were so thankful to have a medical team available to evaluate and treat our daughter, we knew our daughter was in good hands. The team made themselves available for any questions/concerns for the remainder of our stay here in Tahoe."

Rock Tahoe Half Marathon

Tallac Hot Shots Foot Care Demo

Primal Quest

Wilderness Medicine Wellness Lecture

TRT 100

2016 Volunteers

Tahoe Center for Orthopedics
Terry Orr
Stephen Bannar
Chris Proctor
Alison Ganong
Jessie Dickens
Mike Schicker
Dan Leigey
Keith Swanson
Sherri Lopez
Steve Lopez
Michelle Fullerton
Michelle Stephens
Colleen Sheehan
Kyle Erkilla
Marie Sweeney
Jeremy Vandehurst
Paul Kennedy
Nicole Cleaves
Amy Villeret
Cate McCaffery
Jeff Brown
Jude Allen
Khristy Gavigan

Emergency Department
Targhee Overas
Kandra Yee
Liz Muckerman
Michael Habicht
Clay Josephy
Kristin Snyder
Brooke Myatt
Jill Adelman
Amy Isenhart
Amy Anton
Matt Bourquin
Steve Astengo
Eric Gower

EKG/Radiology Departments
Kylie Van Horn
Dan Witt

Erika Cook
Caroline Barichievich
Julie Macan
Seb Combes

Surgery/Anesthesia Department
Pat Baghdikian
Tigran Avakumov
Siobhan Morgan
Sandra Friday
Melissa Rogers
Amy Anderson
Rayna Carroll
Michelle Berry Hogan
Blair Caley
Holly Kenyon

Infusion/GI Departments
Marla Handsaker
Rachelle Pakes
Mary Ebright
Amy Anderson

Bio Med/Engineering
Bruce Miller
Avelino Sigala

Barton University/Barton Gift Shop
Nancy Gainer
Chris Henderson

Carrie Marshall

Med Surg/Ortho Departments
Ayla Kopeck
Carol Taylor
Valerie Reeves

Home Health/Hospice
Jason Collin
Chris Kozlowski

Jeff Koeck

Support Departments
Marketing/Public Relations
Supply Chain
Emergency Management

Each year Barton Health and Tahoe Center for Orthopedics physicians and staff give back where they work, live and play by volunteering their time and services at community sporting events. Learn more about sporting event medical coverage or request coverage at your event.